2018 Asylum

189.900 Ft
0 Ft


The weapon of choice for World Champion Carlos Mario, the Asylum’s rocker profile and aggressive NACA channeling yield crazy amounts of pop, fast top-end speeds and soft landings. While a solid crossover board for general freeriding, the Asylum is better suited for aggressive riders who prefer plenty of power and are specifically looking for the freestyle-focused benefits that higher rocker provide. Aggressive NACA channeling improve edge control and pop and streamline water flow to increase board speed.

Csomag tartalma: Asylum deszka, 4 db 2" szkeg, fogantyú

134 cm
55 - 75 Kg 40,8 cm
138 cm 60 - 90 Kg 42 cm
141 cm 75 Kg + 43,1 cm