2018 Glide

179.900 Ft
0 Ft


With 149cm and 159cm options, the Glide is a dedicated light wind board that gives you the light wind range of a surfboard with the freeride performance of a twin tip. It's a problem solver for anyone who has ever slogged around on a twin tip hoping the wind would pick up.

Beginners love the Glide because it planes early and helps them stay up wind; experienced riders love it because it handles more like a twin tip than a barn door, which many light wind boards have been compared to. Staying true to the expression “Throw it don’t mow it,” the Glide’s long, slender outline, block rail profile and mild rocker combine for a fun freeride and freestyle-friendly board you’ll be happy to take for a cruise any time the wind looks a bit too light for your standard twin tip

Csomag tartalma: Glide deszka, 4 db 2" szkeg, fogantyú

149 cm
70 Kg-ig 41,2/36,2 cm
159 cm
55 Kg + 40,4/34,5 cm