2019 Hoverglide FWIND Foil

414.900 Ft
0 Ft


With the FWIND package, you will get up and go with confidence and learn to jibe with ease. As you progress you will discover more range, more freedom and more fun than you ever thought possible with a foil. The FWIND package, equipped with our new Infinity 76 wing, is designed to pack the most amount of range into a larger foil that has plenty of lift and stability. This wing delivers everything you may expect at low speeds, early planning, stability and easy jibes. What’s amazing is that it does it all at higher speeds as well! Known as “THE ONE” by top freeriding windfoilers.


Csomag tartalma

61cm (24") MAST, PEDESTAL BASE, TUTTLE ADAPTER, LONG SWITCH FUSELAGE, INFINITY 76 első szárny, 42cm-es hátsó szárny, csavar szett, SHIM, táska

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